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foursQR for iPhone

The world's fastest foursquare® venue check-in app

available on the iPhone Appstore

Are you tired of checking into foursquare® with the official iPhone app? Sure, we all love sharing our current location with our friends, but does such a simple task really need to take so many taps and so much time? Not any more!

Introducing foursQR: check in with a single QR code scan! No unnecessary taps, no unnecessary hassle. Scan, bleep, done.

You'll get a PDF file in format 51 x 100 mm (2 x 4”)

Remember: don't litter or deface property! Only use QR labels where it is permitted!

How do I get the foursquare venue ID?

  1. Go to foursquare.com
  2. Enter your search query into search field
  3. Select a venue from list
  4. look at your browser address input field. Copy the entire string (the ID!) after the last /, e.g. 4b12fb1cf964a5200f9223e3
    foursquare URL
  5. paste the ID into the field above